Ramble Tamble


Creedence Clearwater Revival and their play list of hit songs have been born again in the body and soul of Melbourne five-piece band, Ramble Tamble – The Australian Creedence Show.

Their attention to detail is outstanding and their passion for this music is inescapable.

The hit songs of CCR are as popular today as when they were first released. Songs like Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Who’ll Stop the Rain and Green River populate the show like lifelong neighbours, old friends that you know so well, visitors that could never out-stay their welcome.

Ramble Tamble are as close as you will ever get to seeing and hearing the real thing, live on stage. The authenticity of the performance and musical production has left audience members in awe with it being said that if you closed your eyes, you could be listening to the original band.

Big news recently hit Ramble HQ, with new lead singer Kevin Falkenberg hitting the stage, bringing his powerhouse vocals and wealth of performance experience to those classic Creedence tunes. Kevin hails from Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada and what a treat it is to see him rocking out to the music we all know and love so dearly from CCR.

This band has to be seen (and heard) to be believed, so grab your tickets for any of their upcoming shows at their official website!